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Club Competition Report

The inaugural competition for the Islwyn & District Anglers Memorial Shield

was held at Pantyreos Reservoir on Saturday 16th September 2023. A total of

thirteen members fished the match, in less-than-ideal weather conditions and

with the fish playing hard to get. Even so, a number of anglers did catch

amidst considerable light-hearted banter and laughter, All in all a great

day out, enjoyed by all.

As well as the Memorial Shield, a number of prizes were very kindly donated

by Airflo.

A total of 7 fish were caught on a variety of different presentations and flies.

The results of the competition was as follows:

1. Winner of the Memorial Shield was Bob Mayers with two fish, the

first in the shortest time.

2. Christian Wady, with 2 fish.

3. Richard Daniels, with 2 fish.

4. Craig Bowles, With 1 fish.

Our thanks go to all the anglers who took part and all those who helped

organise and manage the event, and huge congratulations to Bob on winning

the competition.

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