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Pen-Y-Fan Pond

Pen-y-fan Pond is one of the last remaining canal feeder reservoirs in Wales. It is very popular during the summertime and the family destination offers safe, flat, open spaces to picnic, fly a kite, kick a ball or take an easy ramble. There are large open spaces around the lake making this an ideal destination for those who are new to fly fishing and want to learn the trade.

There are gradual sloping banks on the North and the East side of the lake providing perfect wading conditions. The lake is stocked with rainbow and blue trout, but is also home to very large crayfish feeding brown trout.

Whether you want to spend the whole day, or have a couple of hours fishing in the evening- this water is definitely worth a visit.

All Brown trout caught  must be returned to the water whether they are alive or dead.

Day ticket holders must stop fishing these waters when the second fish of the day is killed.

Any fish to be killed must be over 12” long when measured from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail.

DAY TICKET: £20 (2 fish)

Pen-Y-Fan Pond Gallery:
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