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2024/25 Membership: A How To Guide

Updated: Feb 4

The time has come to purchase your annual membership ready for the new season. So we thought we'd give you a step by step guide on how to purchase your membership and register your card. STEP 1: Head to and add your annual membership to your cart. Please only purchase 1 annual membership per transaction as it will be linked to your customer email.

At the checkout you will be prompted to input your customer details:

The email address used here will be linked to your membership.

Complete your purchase.

Returning members are eligible for a £25 discount so please reach out for a coupon code. STEP 2:

Now it's time to register for your membership card.

Note: If it can't find your purchase, please allow up to 12 hours for our servers to update.

Go to and you will see a registration page.

Type in your first name, last name and the customer email address used in Step 1.

For your image, please upload one which clearly shows your face. An example is given below:

Note: Images are cropped to a square format, try to keep the image of your face as central as possible.


To see your membership go to:

Simply type in the email used in the previous steps, click load and your membership details will be shown

When asked by a bailiff or member, just head to this page, type in your email, and show them your valid membership. If you'd rather, you can screenshot or click the download link and save it to your phone.

Tight lines guys, and I hope the 2024/25 season gets off to a great start!

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