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Penyfan Reopens for Members

Islwyn & District Anglers

Penyfan Pond

After further discussions with Caerphilly Council, it has been agreed that Full members of Islwyn Angling Club can recommence fishing at Pen Y Fan Pond in areas where there is no visual evidence of a blue-green algae bloom, subject to the following conditions that are non-negotiable.

1. Fishing will be at each Islwyn and District Anglers members own personal risk during periods of pond closure to the wider public.

2. The Islwyn and District Anglers risk assessment must be strictly adhered to at all times.

3. Until access restrictions to the general public are fully lifted, the fishing is restricted to ‘Catch and Release’ only.

4. Avoid contact with blue green algae. All areas where there are obvious signs of blue-green algae accumulations must be avoided. Carry out a visual inspection of the water and if any algal scum, film or blooms are present move to another area where clear water is found.

5. If contact is accidently made, wash thoroughly with clean uncontaminated water. It is recommended that you carry a bottle of clean water with you as well as a pack of Disinfectant Wipes or Hand Sanitiser.

6. Never drink the water from the pond.

7. When you return home always wash your face and hands thoroughly as well as your fishing equipment particularly your waders, net, rod and fly-line.

Clearly it’s impossible to anticipate every single problem or potential risk and some circumstances can be and are totally unforeseen, accidents do happen, take care, move slowly and above all use common sense, the responsibility for your own safety lies totally with you.

Further information and updates will be sent when available.

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